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Business Benefits

of Chrome Extensions
  • Chrome Extension can fulfill the many business-specific requirements. Many unique Shortcuts can be added into the browser, which boosts the productivity of professionals from various professions. The unique and feature-rich Chrome Extension makes life easier for many professionals. Business-specific custom Chrome Extensions can speed up the overall workflow of any business organization.
  • Business Benefits of Chrome Extensions
  • Unique features implementation
  • User's productivity improvement.
  • Browsing experience enrichment
  • Chrome browser usability Betterment

How Does It work?

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Review all Requirements

A thorough analysis of all the requirements of the client. All the demands and special requirements will be listening carefully.
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Design and Development process

The most significant task will be executed by the group of the most experienced team of web designers and developers.
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The absolute testing of the final product will be performed. Testing makes the final product even batter and bug-free.
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Putting all the efforts and hard work of the team into final action. The Complete product will be delivered to the client on time.

Our All Extensions


Slide Sorter for google slide

  • Slides Sorter allows you to organize a Google Slides presentation using a convenient Sorter Panel, just like the Powerpoint Slide Sorter menu option. Simply press the Slides Sorter Chrome extension icon while on your Google Slides presentation and your Sorter Panel will open. Reorganize your slides any way you'd like and when you close the panel, your presentation order will be updated!

Hide Google slides

  • The Hide Slides extension acts like the same feature from Powerpoint. Click on the eye next to a slide and it will not display in presentation mode. Unclick the eye and the slide will become visible again.


  • This Extension is developed for, it is helping treatstream's user to add products (food items) from various on-line restaurant,
    • - Currently this extension is working for,,,,,,
    • - To use this extension user need to goes in to any above site, Then they need to add their favorite food in cart and with uses of extension they can add cart items in their treatstream panel,
    • - Once user added data using extension then admin can see detail like, product name, product quantity, product sub-items, any special description (if entered in cart), restaurant name, restaurant open-close timing
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